World Premiere in San Antonio: Part One

Bible Storyland director Stephanie Hubbard here!

It’s been a few weeks since we came back from our WORLD Premiere at the San Antonio Film Festival. After arriving back home in LA, we hit the ground running prepping for our upcoming festivals but I wanted to share about our experiences in San Antonio while the memories are still fresh!

Day One: After landing in San Antonio we went straight to the Festival Headquarters – we picked up our badges and posed for pictures on the RED CARPET.

You can see how excited we are to have BADGES that say FILMMAKER.  It’s a testament to: 1) how long and hard it can be to make a film and 2) how long and hard it can be to prepare for a festival that we were so incredibly EXCITED to have our badges and finally be on the red carpet!

After taking pictures we met the head of the festival ADAM ROCHA – he was looking cool in an off-white suit – and his personality did not disappoint!  First off, he let us know how much he liked our film (THAT WAS VERY NICE) then he gave us tips for whom to contact the following day for more press coverage – I took notes!  Then we got to meet a star I recognized from my childhood – he was also an LA transplant – Jesse Borrego whom I LOVED in the FAME TV show.  He was great, and had just moved to San Antonio from Los Angeles.  Jesse is the second Fame cast member I have met, the first being Valerie Landsburg.

Day Two: We dressed in our TV interview clothes for an early morning interview at the local FOX station. The 7:30am call time is not so bad UNLESS there’s a two-hour time difference – there’s nothing like being on TV after waking up at 4:30am your time – thank goodness for ADRENALINE!

The interview with Monica at Fox was great!  It was a total love fest – and this photo is proof we were there. As we left, their next guest, Lou Ferrigno (from ANOTHER 80’s show The HULK) was arriving for his appearance to promote ComiCon TX which gave us an idea….

But first, we hightailed it over to the local NPR station (Texas Public Radio) where we met the inimitable Nathan Cone.  He had watched the beginning of our film and was ready to ask us lots of questions. There was such a different vibe being on NPR – we talked a lot more about the psychology and socio-historical aspects of the film. Thank goodness we have all that in there! Again, we had a great time with Nathan and an awesome interview.

Then we called Enrique, film and music editor at SA Current, the weekly alternative paper (we’d been calling before, but this time he called us back). We went straight to the SA Current office with our DVD (thanks for the tip, Adam!) Enrique sat down to talk to us and recorded the conversation, which was published later that week in the SA Current.

Next we headed downtown to take a DVD of our film to the San Antonio Express-News. They had already posted this piece about us.

Then we were ready to explore San Antonio a little. We walked along the legendary Canals and even saw the historical ALAMO (I didn’t know the story) where we found the strangest, most manic tour guide EVER, but we survived (unlike the historic brave defenders of the ALAMO).

We made it back to the hotel in time to rest before our first festival party, but Harvey could not be contained: He had to go find the site of the house where his family lived when he was born (above).

And he also found this pig house, which reminded us of Harvey’s pig Mimi, one of the stars in our film. That night, we went to our first party at the festival – it was fun to meet so many people who were already into our film! The amazing thing about SA Film Festival parties is that fans of the films attend also, so we were able to personally invite festival pass holders to our premiere screening the next day.

Check back soon our our next blog post: World Premiere in San Antonio: Part Two



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