World Premiere in San Antonio, Part Two

On Friday, we tried to ignore that we had been out till 2am at festival parties the night before as we arrived at 7:30am at the San Antonio College campus for our anticipated interview with the fun, laid back radio host James “Hot Mustard” Velton. “Hot Mustard” is a student D.J. at the San Antonio College radio station (KSYM 90.1FM).

Next we put on our Bible Storyland Shirts and headed to Texas ComiCon to hand out screening invitations to folks in line.  (That was quite an experience!)  We noticed many ComiCon attendees were more interested in Darth Vader than in Noah and Moses.

Meanwhile, our pre-recorded interviews ran all day on the local news radio station, 1200AM WOAI.

We went to a screening with a new friend we made, Andrew, whose stop-motion animated film Say Yes to Me totally blew us away. We scooped Andrew up after his screening and brought him along to ours, where we also met the editor and sound guy for Trailer Park Jesus, as well as folks who’d heard about us from all the press interviews!

Finally it was time for our WORLD PREMIERE at the Palladium!  We were very lucky to have the amazing PR person for the Festival, Kacie LaCombe, conducting our Q&A. At first it was just me (Stephanie) so we had a whole conversation about directing the film, and it was great! Based on the audience’s detailed questions it was obvious they took in all that we were conveying. And when Kacie asked me about the impact the film had on me personally, I got kind of emotional.

Next Harvey joined me up front and we began a very fun trivia game in which the audience asked questions about the film, and we handed out our incredibly rare (and beautiful) Bible Storyland T-shirts.

After the screening we took pictures on the step and repeat (an industry term for the red carpet and backdrop), and you can see where my mascara was smeared from crying. Then we headed to the NEXT PARTY!!!

On Saturday we relaxed a little more. We went to the only vegan restaurant in San Antonio, Vegeria, and we loved it. We also found another great restaurant called The Cove.

I went to see a narrative film about Editors called Supporting Characters, which was great. I felt the quality of all the films I saw at the festival was fantastic.  That evening there was a BIG RED CARPET for all the filmmakers. We were interviewed a lot and it was REALLY fun to see all the other filmmakers in a compressed space. Here is a picture from the red carpet of Harvey with Jesus (from Trailer Park Jesus).

We went out to dinner that night with folks from three films: Trailer Park Jesus, Shea Butler (Trial of Ben Barry) and Scott Edinson (Misplaced).  It was great: we ate community style and the food kept coming non-stop. Then it was onto the next party where this picture of me (holding our postcard) was taken.

Sunday was our last screening. The audience was a little different, the theater was larger, and we didn’t have Kacie. This time it was a very fun Q&A with Harvey and I fielding questions together. Again, we gave out great T-shirts.  One of the other filmmakers became a strong proponent of the film – he is a Christian – and so we were really pleased that he LOVED the film so much!

James Conant, our cinematographer came to join us for the screening. It was the first time the three of us were all together for a screening in front of an audience, so it was very special. We took James to The Cove to celebrate!

That night we returned for the Jury Awards and were disappointed there wasn’t a documentary category. A documentary about local veterans had been a natural choice for the Audience Award.  Even though we didn’t win an award our first time out, we knew we were held in high esteem among the SA Festival Team and had won respect at an event where all the films were terrific!

As we left, we felt grateful to have had an amazing World Premiere and a lot of fun! Thank you San Antonio, especially Adam and Kacie, you’ll always be our first!!!

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