Praise for Ride to Heaven

Stephanie Hubbard, Harvey Jordan and Dr. Carleen Mondolfo of "Ride to Heaven' (formerly "Bible Storyland")“Absolutely wonderful!” ”Funny, suspenseful, [and] full of surprises.”
– Donna Walker, host of “Pacifica Performance Showcase”, guest hosting on “Arts in Review” on Pacifica Radio (KPFK Public Radio, Los Angeles)

“Fascinating!” “[A] quirky little gem.” ”Terrifically entertaining!”
Adam Mast, critic for Southern Utah’s “The Independent”, on (from Rotten Tomatoes’ approved blog list) and in DOCUTAH’s “The Raven Report”

“Bravo! ‘Bible Storyland’ is brilliant. A great story, beautifully told…I loved it.”
– Gary Conrad, director for many popular children’s TV programs including “Fairly Odd Parents”, “Dora the Explorer”, “Garfield and Friends”, etc.

“‘Bible Storyland’ is a marvelous drama, wrapped in a comedy, folded around a documentary, twisted into a detective story and…squeezed into a valentine. This is a journey to a place that may not have existed in person, but certainly lives in one man’s heart – a wonderful adventure that the child in all of us – along with the dreamer and treasure hunter – can appreciate.”
– Chris Epting, pop culture expert and author of 17 travel/history books including “James Dean Died Here: The Locations of America’s Pop Culture Landmarks”

Harvey Jordan Stephanie Hubbard and Charles Phoenix of "Ride to Heaven' (formerly "Bible Storyland")“‘Bible Storyland’ is a wonderful look at an honest to goodness chapter in California’s folk history. They really wanted to create a Bible theme park in the ’60’s and Harvey Jordan has researched it all in this documentary that is not only thorough, but respectful. It’s a real investigative eye-opener and fun to watch!”
– Huell Howser, producer/host of “California’s Gold” (which ran for 18 seasons) on PBS

“[A] festival gem!”
– Glasstire {Texas Visual Art} blog

“A hoot!”
– Park World Online

“’Bible Storyland’ made me a believer!”
– Ron Mann, Canadian director of ten documentary films

“Really interesting!” “Quirky and odd.”
– Bruce Bennett, critic for Southern Utah’s “The Spectrum”, “Daily News” and, in DOCUTAH’s “The Raven Report”

Harvey Jordan and Debi Derryberry of "Ride to Heaven' (formerly "Bible Storyland")“What fun! Bible Storyland’ is a great story about a forgotten piece of California history, told in a brilliant, quirky manner.” “A great example of history made fun and memorable.”
– Paula Guenon, host of “Don’t Get Left in the Dust” on LA Talk Radio

“My whole family absolutely loved your movie, and we are watching it again tonight! This will be the 5th time by the way!”
– Eileen Daly, estate sales specialist, New York

“We watched ‘Bible Storyland’ and were really entertained. It’s a very interesting story, well told, dramatic, and mysterious. Certainly fans of all things Disney will love it as much as I did. Harvey’s search for the grail is indeed holy!”
– Bernie Van De Yacht, CSA (casting director)

“Stephanie [Hubbard] is a great storyteller with a lovely eye for what is memorable and worthwhile. I love her sense of detail. ‘Bible Storyland’ is highly entertaining, I laughed a lot, but it was also very thought provoking. I love the panoply of unusual Los Angeles characters. It was a treasure trove of interesting and unexpected people. I really enjoyed this movie!”
– Caren McCaleb, Emmy Award winning documentary editor and filmmaker

Barry Bregman (the grandson of Jack Haley) and the "Ride to Heaven" crew (formerly "Bible Storyland")

“I saw a screener of this and cannot wait to see it on the big screen! Yes, you learn a lot about Bible Storyland but the magic for me is our guide, Harvey and his family. It is a very original type of film…and so enlightening and engaging! This is a film you will remember and enjoy.”
– Andrea Ureno, director, assistant editor and former newsroom coordinator on“SoCal Connected” on KCET-TV, Los Angeles

“I just finished watching [Bible Storyland]. What a revelation! You have crossed the River Jordan. [Harvey’s] determination to get some results, through such frustration, for so many years, is amazing.”
– Max Finkelstein, age 97, artist, Los Angeles (Max is still a working artist and is gearing up for a retrospective exhibition in June, 2013, in Los Angeles)

“I loved this film! So provocative and interesting, and a great picture of obsession and life in Hollywood. Very entertaining and funny!”
– Sharon Marcus, artist, Los Angeles

“I’m looking forward to seeing ‘Bible Storyland’!”
Matt Holzman, editor, “Matt’s Movies Blog” on KCRW Public Radio, Los Angeles