Media Coverage for Ride to Heaven

Amusement Today article about "Ride to Heaven" (formerly "Bible Storyland")Ride to Heaven (at the time called Bible Storyland) was featured on air on Southern California Public Radio KPCC 89.3 and in Amusement Today, a trade newspaper for the amusement industry (pictured here) in September, 2013. Both the radio show and article discussed the film in relation to the “Never Built: Los Angeles” exhibit at Los Angeles’ A + D Museum (also known as the Architecture and Design Museum). The exhibit featured concept art from the Bible Storyland theme park and included a screening of Bible Storyland.

Huell Howser, California's favorite historian, reviewed "Ride to Heaven" (former title "Bible Storyland")Bible Storyland was mentioned in the Los Angeles Times in January, 2013, when Harvey wrote about his memories of California’s beloved late historian Huell Howser (pictured at right), who had graciously given Bible Storyland a great review in 2012.

In December, 2012, Coaster-net published an article about Bible Storyland. This was the third time a theme park industry trade blog wrote about the park that year. (See below for articles in Screamscape and Park World Online.)

KPFK (90.7FM Southern CA) Pacifica Radio Logo, interview for "Ride to Heaven"Bible Storyland was covered by all three public radio stations in Los Angeles for our West Coast Premiere in Hollywood, CA in December, 2012!  Public radio host Donna Walker did a 30-minute interview on Pacifica Radio (KPFK, 90.7FM) with Harvey, Stephanie and Charles Phoenix (our favorite retro pop culture humorist, who was featured in the film). Harvey was also interviewed by reporter Jerry Gorin for KPCC’s popular show Off-Ramp (89.3FM), and Bible Storyland was recommended by KCRW film critic Matt Holzman in his blog Matt’s Movies (89.9FM)

We were very honored in November, 2012, to be featured in an article in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. It was the weekend following Hurricane Sandy, several days prior to the Presidential election, so we were surprised to receive any press at all. We greatly admired the festival organizers and attendees in Brooklyn who made this festival a success during such a difficult time for the city.

Bible Storyland was described as a “festival gem” in the Texas Visual Arts blog Glasstire during the 25th Annual Dallas Video Festival held at the Dallas Museum of Art in October, 2012.

DOCUTAH Red Carpet: Lani Pururi of DOCUTAH, Harvey Jordan of "Ride to Heaven" (formerly "Bible Storyland"), reporter Ladd Egan of CBS 2 (KUTV), and Christina Schultz of DOCUTAHHarvey and Stephanie went on an exciting press tour while visiting St. George, Utah for DOCUTAH in early September, 2012. Harvey was interviewed by Southern Utah correspondent Ladd Egan (second from right) of the CBS Channel 2 News (KUTV) in Salt Lake City (video no longer available online). Harvey and Stephanie also gave a fantastic interview on Nevada Public Radio (KNPR, 88.9FM).

Bible Storyland was featured online by KSTU-TV (Fox 13), KCSG-TV (the local TV station) and by Christian radio KSOS. Bible Storyland was reviewed in DOCUTAH’s video preview show The Raven Report and mentioned as a highlight of the festival in the St. George News.

KTIM "Film Fanatics" interview with guests Harvey Jordan and Stephanie Hubbard of "Ride to Heaven" (formerly "Bible Storyland")Harvey and Stephanie enjoyed a fun interview at local station KTIM (95.3FM) on the show Film Fanatics hosted by film critics Bruce Bennett of The Spectrum (far right) and Adam Mast of The Independent (second from right). (The interview is no longer available online.)

In September, 2012, Stephanie was interviewed for the indie flim blog The Rain Falls Down on Portlandtown. Several months earlier, in June, 2012, Bible Storyland was written up by Geek Central.

Harvey Jordan and Stephanie Hubbard of "Ride to Heaven" (formerly "Bible Storyland") interviewed on FOX KABB Channel 29 News, San AntonioWe had the first of several successful press tours during our World Premiere at the San Antonio Film Festival in June, 2012. Harvey and Stephanie had a great interview on set at Fox News KABB Channel 29 in San Antonio. Harvey and Stephanie also interviewed with Nathan Cone at San Antonio’s NPR station (KSTX 89.1FM, “Texas Public Radio”), with Joshua Cook of WOAI News Radio 1200AM and with James “Hot Mustard” Velton at the San Antonio College radio station (KYSM 90.1FM).

Harvey Jordan and Stephanie Hubbard of "Ride to Heaven" (formerly "Bible Storyland") at San Antonio College Radio Station, before interview with James "Hot Mustard" Velton

Bible Storyland was featured in an article in The San Antonio Express-News (who also highlighted us as an out-of-town festival film in this article) and in the San Antonio Current (San Antonio’s alternative weekly). One week prior to the festival, Harvey and Stephanie were featured on the longest running Disney podcast, Inside the Magic, with host Ricky Brigante.

"Park World" magazine, featured article about "Ride to Heaven" (formerly Bible Storyland")In May, we were featured in a highly read article on the blog Screamscape, the Ultimate Guide to Themeparks. (The article is no longer available online.) In February, BIble Storyland had been written up in the theme parks and attractions magazine Park World Online.

BIble Storyland was featured in the very popular pop-culture blog Laughing Squid in March, 2012. Later that month, we were reviewed by the blog Bad Lit, the Journal of Underground Film. In January, 2012, Stephanie and Harvey enjoyed a great interview on LA Talk Radio with Paula Guenon, host of Don’t Get Left in the Dust.

The previous year, in December, 2011, Disney historian Paul F. Anderson wrote about Bible Storyland in his blog for the Disney History Institute.